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September 21, 2020

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Thanks for the video, really liked the examples displayed :)

Thanks for grouping all of these in one place ! I started reading some and I found them really inspiring :)

Hello Melanie ! Thanks for your two cents 🤑 Nice for community roundtable, I didn't know it and it's on point ! I started reading Rosie Sherry which has a newsletter on the subject: https://rosieland.substack.com/ What I read so far is that with guidelines it's really easier for people to know what they can add and it'll be easier for me to say "No" to things that I don't want. And you're absolutely right, it's a lot of work at the beginning, I didn't anticipate it ^^" (I have now a vision for the Readme and the contributing file + code of conduct). But I think it'll make it easier for me to contribute to open source projects because now I have a better sense of how it works.

Could I see your collections of curated resources ? :)

Cool, I added my Telegram on my profile :)

Hello Dipti ! That's such a good idea ! I hold a meet-up last week on open source and the girls were really surprise that it's actually possible to contribute to open source even if you're a beginner. I'd love to talk even if I'm just started but I'll be glad to share my experience so far :) It depends of the hour of the event because I'm based in Paris (France, not Texas ^^).

Hi Marie, thank you for the links ! I never grasped SEO so I know it's on the list. And I just saw the term "copywriting" last month, I love to write but I never tried to "polish" my style, thanks for the e-book, I looked the table of contents, it looks really interesting !