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My goal for this challenge was to launch a new website for the non profit-organization that I currently lead. The organization is called "Women on Rails" and its aim is to cheer women up to code, using Ruby and its framework Rails.
I made the website using Docusaurus, which is really great for collaborative projects. The thing is that anyone can submit code or text change thanks to Pull Requests.
I published the website online and I wrote part of its articles but now I realize that to make it truly useful for people they must have a saying in its conception. + There is a blog section on it and I would like to get articles from developers.
Thankfully it's also Hacktoberfest so I hope that people will contribute to the website in this spirit :)
I also now want to create a newsletter and I need to determine which service I'll use.

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I like Mailchimp which is easy to use, but after 2,000 subscribers it gets expensive. Another alternative is Mailjet.

I personally use Sendgrid. Once you get to know their API it’s nice and cheaper. I send Women Make’s weekly newsletter with it, with dynamic templates.