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Kiff looks great!

Did you try to get your app [featured] on the App Store? I wrote a [complete guide] on how do that if you want to learn more.

« I have made mistakes and I will surely make more. » Something to remind yourself often!

I also liked what you said about the rules. It’s good to « know » them, especially when you start, to have a series of examples and concret cases to guide you. But what worked for others will not necessarily work for you.

The success of your startup depends on many factors, but not on following the rules. Being an entrepreneur is exactly about that: doing things differently, trying things that haven’t been done.

By the way, any idea of when you will launch?

Looks great Masha, congrats!! 🥳

Loved it! Your intro is excellent, as well as your writing.

That was an interesting read, thanks Ghislaine!

Woohoo, congrats Mariam! 🥳 Upvoted! I hope you will stay #1 🤞