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Women Make is a community for women entrepreneurs and makers. It is a safe place to meet fellow makers, find support, get feedback, help each other out, share their journey and celebrate wins together.

Women Make is a platform created by women and for women and our goal is to bring them to the forefront of the maker scene. Showcasing our members' work and their diverse profiles is an important mission of ours.

The founder

My name is Marie Denis-Massé and I am a French bootstrapped founder. When I started working on my own products a few years ago, I realized it was a struggle to find other women entrepreneurs like me to talk to. I thought of creating a place for us so we can find each other easily, share what we’re working on and learn together.

It started with a simple Telegram group. The first members were women makers I personally reached out to. We were chatting, helping each other and having fun while progressing together.

From the beginning, I made it clear that everyone could join, including men, as long as they participate in empowering women. I believe change is only possible with everyone working together. This is why I am really happy about all the ways people, women or not, contribute to helping our members on Women Make.

Our community has grown since then. But my mission is still the same today: make something simple and useful for women, where everyone who supports us is welcome.

Our members

Women Make is a community of 1000 members from all around the world made of entrepreneurs, makers, designers, developers, marketers, and other creative people. Although they come from diverse backgrounds, many of them work in the tech industry.

They are influential and active members of the maker community. They get featured in Hacker News, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, Designer News, as well as on LifeHacker, BBC, Fast Company, and many more international media.

How does it work?

When you sign up to Women Make, you get access to a private Telegram group. This is where most of the activity is. It’s a casual and friendly chat where everyone can ask for help, feedback and get to promote their work. There are topics and location-focused subgroups you can join, like Design, Code, Paris or Spain.

As a member, you also have access to the forum on Women Make’s website. Posting on the forum allows you to elaborate more on your project, your thinking process and the challenges you have faced. This way the chat remains a conversation and the forum is used as a complementary tool.

Women Make serves as a facilitator. It allows members to collaborate on projects together, be recommended for jobs and make friends in real life.

Every year in October, we host a remote hackathon, the 30 Day Challenge. The concept is simple: 30 days to build and launch something. It’s a way to achieve our goals together and build something in a non-competitive way. Participants are working alongside, surrounded by supportive people while building their products.

Women Make also hosts online webinars for members. The idea is to leverage our diverse skillset like design, coding, writing, branding, public relations, SEO, running a newsletter, remote working and many more. These informal coaching sessions allow us to take advantage of each other’s knowledge without pressure.

We also organize remote meetups to get to know fellow makers, learn from each other, share our recent progress, or just to have a casual chat.

What members say about Women Make

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