Women Make Guidelines

Women Make Guidelines

When joining our community, you must comply with these rules. Here are also a few reminders of what Women Make is about.

Women Make is a community designed for women so they can have a place to find support in the maker and entrepreneurial space.
Women Make is also a community meant to put women at the forefront.

It’s a community.
Members are here to chat, find help, ask for feedback, support each other and connect with other like-minded women among other things.
We expect you to present yourself to the community when joining and contribute by helping and supporting other members when you can.

It’s open.
Everyone is welcome as long as people joining are here to empower women.

It’s not specific to tech.
Although most of us are working in the tech industry, this group is open to everyone! The more diverse the better.

This community is primarily meant to support women.
All genders are welcome on this community. However, don’t forget this is a group meant to support women. Don’t mansplain, be respectful and remember to give the floor to women. That being said, all members are welcome to participate in all discussions.

Self-promotion is only accepted when you are an involved member of the community, whether you are a woman or not. Don’t post about your launch or your product if you never contributed previously.
Keep it short and concise (don't share multiple links or repost the same link multiple times for example). Don’t ask for upvotes. And keep in mind that the purpose of Women Make is to put women at the forefront.

Don’t spam.
Spam is not tolerated.

Don’t randomly message members in private.
Starting a genuine conversation or asking questions in private is ok. Flirting, harassing, spamming, among other things, is not ok. Don’t ask members to share a project of yours for you. It’s spam.

Women Make is not a token for women.
We are a community. We are not a group of women you can use to fix your diversity issues.

Be nice and respectful.
Discussions and constructive critique are welcome. Insults and disrespect are not. We don’t have to all agree but we can talk nicely. Non exhaustive list of forbidden stuff: sexism, racism, insults, spam, stalking, harassment, excessive self-promotion.

Not respecting these rules can get you banned, with or without warning.

Speak up.
If you think someone is not respecting these rules or is making you uncomfortable, send me a DM (on Twitter or Telegram) or start a discussion on the chat if you think it’s the most appropriate.

Send me a private message.

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