Women Make is a community of 1000 members from all around the world made of entrepreneurs, makers, designers, developers, marketers, and other creative people. Although they come from a lot of different backgrounds, a lot of them work in the tech industry.

They are influential and active members of the maker community. They got featured in Hacker News, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, Designer News, as well as on LifeHacker, BBC, Fast Company, and many more.


Women Make has been created so women have a place in the entrepreneurial space. It is designed by women and for women. It is a place to meet other women makers, share what we are working on, celebrate wins together, get support, and help each other out.

The goal of Women Make is to bring women to the forefront. Showcasing our members' work and women in general is an important mission of ours. Learn more about Women Make's values here.


A sponsorship is a partnership, which means it has to benefit both parties. It may sound obvious but Women Make will not accept a sponsorship from a company that doesnt' respect women and underrepresented minorities.


A sponsorship can have many forms. We can display your company's logo and name on the frontpage among our official sponsors (in the right sidebar). We can include you in our weekly newsletter. We can publish a sponsored post on the forum. But we are also open to your ideas.

If you're interested in sponsoring Women Make, let's get in touch! Let us know how you want to get involved with our community.