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About Women Make

Women at the forefront

Women Make is a community that supports women entrepreneurs. It is a platform created by women and for women so they have a place in the entrepreneurial space and our goal is to bring women to the forefront.

Entrepreneurship is male-dominated. If we want to be seen as much as men, if we want to be taken seriously, if we want to give our ideas their best possible chance to change the world, then we need to stand up and make some noise. Every single one of us can and will shape the future of women entrepreneurship, especially when we work together as a neighborhood of fellow makers.

A supportive community

Women Make is helping women getting the support they deserve. This is a place where we can find other women entrepreneurs to chat with, even friends! This is a place where we showcase what we’re working on, celebrate wins together, share useful resources and important women-related news, and discuss openly what can be improved. This is a place where we ask and answer, find support and advice, get feedback and help each other.

Diverse and open-minded

This community is open, meaning everyone can join (even men), as long as people joining are here to empower women. We believe a change is only possible together. The guidelines can be read here.

Our members come from all over the world. It is made of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, artists, and other creative people. Although a lot of us are working in the tech industry, this community is open to everyone! The more diverse the better.

Membership and financial independence

Women Make is free so everyone can afford to join. Members do have the opportunity to financially support the community, through a monthly membership, so I can keep on working, developing and moderating it.

Women Make is only financed by its supporters and sponsors. This way, the community stays independent. This guarantees that women’s interests are always put first. This community won't be used as a way to meet investors’ business goals.


Although Women Make is a community that is made to connect with other women entrepreneurs among others, it is not a place that supports bullsh*t attitudes. This is a group of women helping each other on their products/startups/side-projects. This community is a cool and friendly place and I intend to keep it that way. Dishonest people and spammers, for example, will get kicked out.

Women Make is a community designed for women before all. It is not a token for women and we are not a tool to fix some diversity issues. We can get in touch to discuss potential sponsorship.

Women Make is not VC backed and wants to stay that way. Short term exit and hyper-growth vision are not encouraged here. Generally speaking, we don't promote people or companies who make the tech industry a toxic place for minorities.

How it all started

Hi, I’m Marie, an indie developer and entrepreneur.

I started this community when I realized it was a struggle to find other women indie entrepreneurs like me to talk to. I thought of creating a place for us so we can find each other, share what we’re working on and learn together.

That is what led me to build Women Make. It started as a small group on Telegram. The first members were women makers I personally reached out to. We were chatting, helping each other and having fun while progressing together.

Our community has grown since then. My mission is still the same today: make something simple and useful for women, where everyone who supports us and other underrepresented demographics is welcome.

Signup and say hi! And if you think that might interest some of your friends, invite them!


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