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I like when you join those calls cuz then there's no room for bullshit

I'm more into having a simple networking call (aka drinks) rather than leading a topic, but happy to hear suggestions?

So glad this is happening! Some questions / broader topics:

-As a designer, what do I need to know about using headers in footer sections?
-Is there a checklist of things to consider before publishing a site SEO wise (that Yoast wouldn't provide already)
-Apart from alt text, what do I need to know about using images on a site - SEO wise?

I'm really keen to learn about best practices rather than have specific questions answered. Really looking forward to this!

Thanks a lot!

Oh, I like your style! There's so much to do with that! I can teach you how to grow your followers, definitely. I'm doing it for myself at the moment. Started 3 weeks ago, I gained 122% (looks very specific I know, I had to do the maths cuz I had no idea ^^). Do you want to book a session with me? http://tamarasredojevic.com/#contact

In the meantime, here's an article where you can find a few tips about social media: https://medium.com/@GimmeACamera/creating-promotional-content-for-social-media-95d1cd906c1


It depends on your photo style. What are you shooting exactly? Do you have links for us to see your photo work?

If it's artistic photo -> Insta + link in bio to buy prints is common practice. That could be an Etsy or your website. I personnally used to have Squaredspace. Everything was integrated, it was great.

If it's stock -> iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe are good. There's even a platform now that I'm helping building to sync all these submissions from one dashboard instead of having to do it on each separate account.

Let me know if you want to talk about this more xx