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I like when you join those calls cuz then there's no room for bullshit

I'm more into having a simple networking call (aka drinks) rather than leading a topic, but happy to hear suggestions?

So glad this is happening! Some questions / broader topics:

-As a designer, what do I need to know about using headers in footer sections?
-Is there a checklist of things to consider before publishing a site SEO wise (that Yoast wouldn't provide already)
-Apart from alt text, what do I need to know about using images on a site - SEO wise?

I'm really keen to learn about best practices rather than have specific questions answered. Really looking forward to this!

Thanks a lot!

Oh, I like your style! There's so much to do with that! I can teach you how to grow your followers, definitely. I'm doing it for myself at the moment. Started 3 weeks ago, I gained 122% (looks very specific I know, I had to do the maths cuz I had no idea ^^). Do you want to book a session with me? http://tamarasredojevic.com/#contact

In the meantime, here's an article where you can find a few tips about social media: https://medium.com/@GimmeACamera/creating-promotional-content-for-social-media-95d1cd906c1