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Dear makers who are marketing/sales experts - I'm putting together the 'marketing page' for Developer Dictionary book by Connect The Dots. And my instinct is to just list price upfront? But maybe that's not wise. Should I ask for email only first? And then later send a link with price and then later actually ask for payment?

What has been your experience?

Thanks much! Any thoughts based on your experience welcome! I'm going in with a complete beginner's mind with this project in terms of marketing/sales and such where I have no practical experience other than reading a bunch of books on the theory.

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The ethical UX angel on my shoulder tells me to be upfront about it. Unless you're also collecting email addresses for something else. But I can't imagine that'd be your style.


Not a marketing/sales expert. I think listing price upfront is a good practice and builds trust. You could still ask for an email address to alert people if it goes on sale or give them a sample chapter/some other goodie.


Thanks @ramacodes. I was planning to put up a sample chapter, but of course it makes sense to send it to people of opt in first :)