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Great post, Clo with amazing tips. I'm hoping to incorporate more ways to take mindful breaks with Cafecito on top of the already existing informal casual networking breaks. Hopefully I can make it work. Would love your help or feedback down the line :)

Missed it! :( Would be open to joining the next one.

My side project is centered around remote work and the future of work. Starting in my remote work journey it was rough. I had to learn a lot about self-discipline, autonomy, figuring out how to socialize enough so that I didn't feel isolated - it was a lot. I wish there had been someone there to guide me along the way. Someone I could vent to or ask questions to about how to overcome co-worker tension or how to set up a productive workspace in my home.

Because I didn't have and I had to figure it out on my own, I started Remote Newbie. It's a platform for remote workers getting started or transitioning into working from home created by me.

Right now, I'm focusing on building relationships with my subscribers and the community and hosting monthly webinars to give folks a safe space to ask questions openly. In January, I'll be heads down building a course around this topic and will be offering it for free to anyone getting started with this very new style of working/making a living.

Hi! Would love to connect. Are you on Telegram?

Hi Gina, would love to connect. I'll send you a message :)