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This is a question of curiosity.

Let's say you've launched a product, we can call it ProductX and after a few months you have a number of users, engagement and for the most part it's pretty stable. At what point do you say "Okay, I think it's time to start working on another product idea from my list while I maintain ProductX?".

Personally, I have a long list of ideas and a number of them are ideas that I feel passionate about. But after launching 1 product or project and getting to the point where I'm maintaining it I start to want to start something new again while I maintain the current product. When is it too soon to start working on a new idea after a launch?

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I think it depends on what you're looking for. In my case, I'm looking for profitability. So if the product has growth, retention and a growing number of customers, I will keep working on this one. Once most of the work is automated or that it doesn't require a lot of time from me, I might think of working on another project.

If the project is not profitable, then that might ask myself that question: "Have I try everything I should or do I just stop it?".