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2nd edition [2019]

During October, Women Make held the second edition of the 30-day challenge.

The goal is simple: the participants had 30 days to build and launch something. The challenge started on October 1st and ended on October 30th.

This online hackathon is a way to achieve our goals together and build something not in a competitive way, but rather as a community, by helping and supporting each other. Participants are working alongside, surrounded by supportive people while building their projects.

Online course, book, app, blog, podcast, job board, website, online store, newsletter... You name it! Take a look at the awesome and diverse projects launched this month.

« Oh... I wish I could have participated! ». We had a second edition this year, we will have a third one in 2020. Join our community by signing up on Women Make and get ready for next year!

Ness Labs Shop

A capsule collection of quality t-shirts for entrepreneurs and makers designed as conversation starters around mental wellness, productivity, and creativity.

Made by Anne-Laure.

Don't Celebrate Thanksgiving

Discover more than one reason why you should abstain from celebrating Thanksgiving as you know it

Made by Andrea Hernández.

Levelup Yourself

A creative brand to inspire self discovery and aiming to help people take action.

Made by Lorraine Manlangit.

Quotes by Machines

A.I generated quotes

Made by Tobe.

Burgundy for Life

Created an online shop where I designed gifts for Spoonies (people with Chronic Illnesses), Arteriovenous Malformation, Brain Aneurysm, and Brain Injury Survivors.

Made by Hiro Nishimura.

Foot in the Door: My Self Taught Journey to Becoming a Software Engineer

A 70 page ebook featuring my personal journey learning to code on my own after graduating college with a visual arts degree and deciding I wanted to pursue software engineering.

Made by Nadya Primak.

Interview Coach

Your Interview Coach is here to help you practice and improve your interview skills. After answering a few questions, you'll get feedback that can help make each practice session better than the last.

Made by Taylor Facen.

Femtech Insider

Femtech Insider is a platform, that connects the femtech community. The goal to further the discussion around innovation in women's health.

Made by Kathrin Folkendt.

Location Independent Relaunch

Relaunching the website to focus on the future of work being based on HUMAN solutions not technology solutions.

Made by Lea Jovy.


Final project from Web Developer Bootcamp Course on Udemy. Still far from finished!!

Made by Desirée Cáceres.


Seinfo is an​ open-source digital library for Africans to learn digital skills needed for freelancing, remote-working and entrepreneurship. The platforms allow​ users to create social media profiles,

Made by Stephanie Itimi.


Blockii is a block editor for bloggers. It maximizes productivity using a customized toolkit to help track metrics against daily and weekly goals. The motto: a little each day goes a long way.

Made by Rachel.


List💣Impossible is a to-do list. Create a list and a detonation timer. The list self-destructs when the timer reaches zero.

Made by Sarah Jackson.

remote life

Community empowering distributed companies and remote workers to embrace remote work as a lifestyle.

Made by Naya Moss.

Women-Led Summits

At Women-Led Summits, we're on a mission to magnify the voices of all womxn who want to share their expertise through online and in-person summits and conferences.

Made by Betsy Muse.


A better way to save, share and organise links for individuals and teams

Made by Dani Whitehead.


Coaching, resources, & community supporting work from home professionals and teams in building a strong remote lifestyle and career.

Made by Irma Mesa.


A collection of tweets, books and articles from women in tech. An echo chamber that is positive and you would like to be a part of :)

Made by Kalina.

isolate me

An art project about censorship where you need to close eyes to know the truth.

Made by Olesya Chernyavskaya.

Creative Journals

Journaling club: Tools & Prompts for a creative life

Made by Claudia 🇲🇽.


Mentors, colleagues, career coaches all say that you have to network to get a job, but they never mention the steps on how to do it. I am writing an ebook about exactly how to network.

Made by Shenae Simmons.


Meeting notes powered by transcription

Made by Ksenia.

Julie Gauthier

I've finally opened my Etsy shop, just in time to start taking holiday orders for custom cutting boards with family recipes!

Made by Julie Gauthier.


Actionable tips to increase your productivity as a developer.

Made by Swapnil Agarwal.

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