Olesya Chernyavskaya

I connect design and technologies. Love to come up with cool ideas and cook sweets. 🐒

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Hi everyone! I work on an art project β€œisolation”. It's about censorship and misinformation on the Internet. The idea in that someone covers human's eyes with hands (propaganda) and a human peeps through these hands (it's like using VPN) to stop watching fake news.

I've built an MVP that doesn't work well yet. You can check it out here: https://isolation.glitch.me/ How does it work? The background becomes red or black if you cover your face with your hands (you maybe won't see this because of closed eyes, haha).

Currently, I am working on research. The next stage is design.

I hate CSS too, hah! I just signed in to the site and want to say that it looks great. Especially, I love a bio field animation when it's empty.