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So excited to release the new Women Make website!

I'm not a frontend developer so I learned a lot while developing it. But I can also tell you I really hate CSS now! The comments were a pain in the a** to implement.

Aside from this, Iā€™m really happy with the result. I hope you too!

This is the first version and I will iterate on it these next few weeks. I already have in mind a few additional features (post directly from the Telegram group for example).

Let me know what you think, if you have any feedback or if you see any bugs that need to be fixed. And enjoy!

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I hate CSS too, hah! I just signed in to the site and want to say that it looks great. Especially, I love a bio field animation when it's empty.


Just signed up and everything looks great, Marie!


Great work, Marie! I think the new website looks very beautiful!