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After user testing, I've iterated the design to make it more user-friendly.

✅Here is the checklist of all updates! #Day10 Redefining Design!

There were a lot of simplifications and improvements to the search functionality. #Day10 Redefining Design!

🤯What do you think is the most important aspect of a user-friendly design? Let's discuss it!

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To me, a user-friendly design should focus on a single, well-designed feature rather than many. It should be easy and seamless for the user to interact with. In the early phases of a product, I know it can't always (and doesn't have to be) pixel-perfect, but it should be clear what the product does.


I understand your point about a user-friendly design focusing on a single, well-designed feature, but what if that feature interacts with other areas? For example, in the case of a no-code tools directory, simply having access to the directory may not be enough to help the user. Having access to experts, tutorials, and events related to that tool can give the user a better understanding of what they can build. So, would you consider that one feature or many?


It likely depends on what you're offering. What's your core business & value proposition? What should you focus on the most?


You are right :D