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Thanks for the video, really liked the examples displayed :)

Thanks for grouping all of these in one place ! I started reading some and I found them really inspiring :)

Hello Melanie ! Thanks for your two cents 🤑 Nice for community roundtable, I didn't know it and it's on point ! I started reading Rosie Sherry which has a newsletter on the subject: https://rosieland.substack.com/ What I read so far is that with guidelines it's really easier for people to know what they can add and it'll be easier for me to say "No" to things that I don't want. And you're absolutely right, it's a lot of work at the beginning, I didn't anticipate it ^^" (I have now a vision for the Readme and the contributing file + code of conduct). But I think it'll make it easier for me to contribute to open source projects because now I have a better sense of how it works.

Could I see your collections of curated resources ? :)

Cool, I added my Telegram on my profile :)

Hello Dipti ! That's such a good idea ! I hold a meet-up last week on open source and the girls were really surprise that it's actually possible to contribute to open source even if you're a beginner. I'd love to talk even if I'm just started but I'll be glad to share my experience so far :) It depends of the hour of the event because I'm based in Paris (France, not Texas ^^).

Hi Marie, thank you for the links ! I never grasped SEO so I know it's on the list. And I just saw the term "copywriting" last month, I love to write but I never tried to "polish" my style, thanks for the e-book, I looked the table of contents, it looks really interesting !

Thank you Julie for proposing to contribute ! The website is for now intended for girls going to the meet-up that I lead, Women on Rails (we see each others once a month to code), so right now it's in french :$ But almost all of the resources linked to are in english (obviously). So if you have links that you'd like to share that'll be great ! If you add a little description or how the site has been helpful to you I'll gladly translate :) For now on the website we have resources on how to find a job, how to prepare for a technical interview, how to progress after learning to code (having their own project, contributing to open source...) And I'd like to integrate resources on getting inspired (like, if you follow women dev on social media that inspire you I'd love to hear of them :) )

Thanks ! Once you have your content, does it take a lot of time to getting the newsletter ready with these tools ? :)