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This year, 160+ participants registered for the Just F*ing Ship It Challenge. I always encourage them to share their progress publicly during this hackathon, and I decided it would be nice to list those who wrote Twitter threads and updated them during the month. If I forgot someone, please share in the comments!

@rleggos is working on Start Designing Today, a collection of resources for knitters and crocheters who want to get started designing and selling their own patterns.
• Taylor is building a scheduling app.
@mgreiler is working on a code review tool.
@gautam_dipti is creating a planner app to organize tasks by days, weeks, and months.
@rhipayne is finishing The Remote Work Era, a guide for women to go remote & thrive in the new age of work.
• Sia is working on The Library is Open, a book recommender system.
@jishirii is creating a CLI tool that helps to manage your keys on your .env file
• Brittany is building Third Coast Studio, a community-minded Midwest Web Development Agency
@bellanothadid is updating her portfolio and redesigning her website.
@gimmeacamera is redesigning a charity’s interface

Many more shared their progress on Twitter, with regular tweets:
@SamKaizen published the landing page of Readerie, a Goodreads alternative focused around encouraging discussions.
@ashleemboyer is building No-Code Overlays, allowing anyone to create interactive streaming overlays without learning how to code.
@janetacarr is working on a Jira cloud add-on to automatically find relevant documentation to Jira issues.
@joannaTS is working on Cover Charts, a cover art and book analysis for Amazon Bestseller charts.
@meljones shared what she learned about Web animations.
@Clo_O tweeted daily about Mindful UX.
@Anashch is working on an eBook about personal branding for introverts.

All projects are browsable here and you can have a look at the participants' progress using the hashtag #WomenMakeChallenge on Twitter.

Can't wait to see the result in November!! 😻

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Thanks for collecting these in a thread, Marie 🙌

So many awesome projects, congrats to all of you. I'm looking forward to the ebooks by @rhipayne and @Anashch - great topics!


It’s great seeing how much progress everyone’s made! 👏 I hope to be as consistent someday. My updates were extremely irregular. 😅


Thanks for grouping all of these in one place ! I started reading some and I found them really inspiring :)


These are awesome!

I've only tweeted...once... about it (though I read other peoples)— I just never know what to say. But I'm inspired to work on that :)


I feel you, it's not easy when you're not used to it. As you may have seen from other participants, you can stay pretty factual and just share what progress you recently made. You don't necessary have to elaborate: just facts and screenshots ;)


As an introvert, I will definitely check Anastasia's book.