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June 22, 2020

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That's awesome Juliette, as I'm based in Nepal, and the time difference is just roughly 5 hours, so I think it would be manageable. (I personally work for an European company on the CEST timezone as well.) We are still planning and gathering speakers, but the plan is to do it on November, but there are some festivals coming up in Nepal, so the dates might change. I'll DM you on Telegram when we have something concrete, and we can discuss the timing! :)

Hi Juliette, I'm planning on conducting an open source event directed to bringing more women into contributing to OSS sometimes in November (still on the planning phase), and I have been looking for women maintainers, contributers and speakers who have experience in the field. Would you like to talk about this there instead? I think there are a few Rails developers in my community, and you might as well get some contributors from there!