Just F*ing Ship It • Edition #3: Oct 1 - 31, 2020

Each year,
Women Make is holding an online hackathon.

The concept is simple: 30 days to build and launch something. Can be anything. It doesn't have to be a tech product. Can be with code or without code. The only requirement is to work on a project during these 30 days, and ship it at the end of the month.

The particularity of this hackathon is that it’s not competitive. The goal is to work together, side by side, getting help from the community. There are no winners and we support each other the whole time.

This year, 170+ participants registered for the 30-Day Challenge. Many of them built in public and shared their progress along the way. This page is featuring all the projects that have been finished in time. Discover what has been achieved during these 30 days, and share the awesome work our participants have accomplished!

Want to join a kick-ass community and participate in the 30-Day Challenge next year? Join us!

Amandine Flachs

Mobile app aggregating esports news from major publications.


Anastasia Shcherbakova

Find confidence and feel more comfortable sharing your ideas online


Olena G.

A collection of resources and a platform connecting environmentally-oriented organizations, startups, and individuals.


Monica Lent

Where developers, makers, and tech founders grow their blogs and improve their writing through feedback, collaboration, & continuous learning.


Neha Savanur

A weekly newsletter featuring an interview with women in STEM, interesting articles and actionable tips on leadership, productivity and mindfulness.


Etiene Dalcol

I am making the iOS app of my game: Polygloss. Polygloss helps you express yourself in another language. Guess images with friends, write creatively and expand your productive vocabulary.


Bella Brillantes

Tipsy on Colors is the good story born from last night's bad decision. It was conceived to house all of my creative works & personal projects grounded on the vision of marrying creativity & strategy.


Ashlee M Boyer

Empowering anyone to create interactive streaming overlays without learning how to code.


Rachel How

Malaysians Who Make is the community for Malaysian creators to come together, seek help, share resources and connect with one another.


Corinn Pope

Prioritization for busy product managers


Janet Carr

A jira cloud add-on to automatically find relevant documentation to jira issues.


Angelica Liberato

I'm building an education website to host to and resources for college students, this is going to be focus in provide academic material that they can find easily and fit their academic requirements.


Shahrzad Darafsheh

A set of Youtube tutorials on how to build out and customize automated pricing pages in Webflow using the Stripe and Servicebot pricing page embed.



Meeting Bees is a tool for improving your meetings


Anuradha (she/her)

Working on website which contains resources and examples of how to achieve web accessibility and work towards a more inclusive and accessible web



A directory platform to showcase, discover and support Malaysian artists - for artists and non-artists.



My developer portfolio to display my projects and blog posts!



A lighthearted app inspired by "The Guilty Feminist" podcast, to provide an anonymous space to share 'feminist confessions'. Once on the app stores, all proceeds to go to the charity Choose Love.



Codalytics helps you understand the code review processes and practices of your engineering teams. It helps identify bottlenecks and problems and also highlights what is going well.


Sonam Penjore

A small learning project, building a place where people learning to cook can learn and create and share their own recipes. Using NextJS and firestore, focused on some key features. Still a WIP


Nerea Marta

An app for managing your fridge/pantry and always eat your food in its best state. By eating fresh food, you waste less, save money, and help the planet. This month's goal is to launch version 1.2.0.


Jessiree De Vera

menv is a CLI tool that helps to manage your keys on your .env file.


Najva Sol, Maddie Eisenhart

A searchable database of plus size friendly indie brands.


Samantha Andrews

Making my freelance web developer website, including a project process video


Ramapriya R

A short exploration of how we perceive randomness and how it's used in generative art works. The zine is currently in progress but you can sign up for updates.



An overview of the latest trends in knowledge management and tools for thought.


Taylor Facen

Getting a group's availability shouldn't be complicated. With Schedu, you can easily poll your squad to find the best meeting time.



Cover art and book analysis for Amazon Bestseller charts. Looking for genre and seasonal trends to help authors and cover designers hit market expectations. :)


Tamara Sredojevic

I'll suggest a homepage redesign for a charity website to improve readability, accessibility and user experience.


Michelle Blauman

I just started screen printing at home and illustrating more. I think it would be a great idea to set up a site where I can display my work and potentially sell pieces and stickers that I create.



A place for folks to connect around and through books/reading. 1st priority : make it useful for readers on its own, then add ways to connect & interact 😊


EJ Nyman

What this is: The link is to an expo demo for the UI of a matching app to help gamers find fellow gamers to play with around the world. (Think Tindr for gamers minus the dating focus). What this could



A newsletter delivering bite-sized concepts and theories on fullstack development to empower developers of all levels with knowledge and awareness of different solutions.


Blanka B

Lets create a list of good exsmples from maritime industry, design of ships and floating constructuons, water managment etc. Lets focus on solutions for environment. Everything connected with water.


Jackie Ayala

CosmicZine is a weekly zine (newsletter) celebrating self care, community care and mindful productivity for first-gen entrepreneurs.


Hiro Nishimura

An eBook that will hopefully save you hundreds of hours of research and headache as I distill my past year of flopping around with frustration figuring out how Finances for Freelancers work!


Mel Jones

My goal was to study Vue.js, web animation & performance. While also completing a fun portfolio site that displayed my current projects. The stack I'm using is Gridsome, TailwindCSS & Netlify.



There's a lack of clear jargon-free explanation of foundational programming concepts. This writing started as a way to answer the same question from multiple students --> 70 page book with 16 concepts


rhiannon payne 🌊

The guide for women to go remote & thrive in the new age of work.


Noëlie Roux

Koala is a macbook case on which you can write and erase ad infinitum. It is a portable whiteboard that protects your computer from any impact. It is entirely made in France and from recycled plastic



A beta version of a 30-day health behavior change challenge for Mongolians, designed and launched during the Just F*ing Ship It Challenge 2020.



An open-source website to collect ressources to help junior to mid-level Ruby on Rails developers to progress in their career


Rachel Leggett

A collection of resources for fiber artists who want to start designing and selling knitting and crochet patterns.


Dipti Gautam

A planner (web)app to organize tasks by days, weeks, and months. View my progress on twitter: @diptiigautam