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EDIT: We'll start the AMA at 3pm GMT instead of 4!

Hey Niki, Love what you are doing, I had the pleasure to interview the 2 co-founders of Vibio (sextoys) last year and loved it. I would definitely recommend them for one of your future interviews, they've been friends since childhood and now are together in this adventure! Here is the video of our interview:

Love the idea! I am an experienced startup consultant, working mainly with deep tech founders on their startup growth and first marketing/strategy and product launch. I also spent the past year involved on the investment side. Now I am focusing on my own startup while trying to find a way to make a living on the side ideally helping accelerators and startup programmes.

-> for my startup I am looking for resources to learn more about marketing for B2C, design and equity-free programmes supporting founders. -> I am also hosting a series of live video streams with startup founders called Entrepreneurs Playing Games and would love to feature either a full-time maker or an entrepreneur from this amazing community! (if possible based in London or over a remote interview!)

You can find me on Twitter @AmandineFlachs (And I am also working on my first app, looking right now at the monetisation options and how to finish it!)

Hi there, Fantastic list of gifts from the community! Idk if it fits here but I also recently launch a merch shop for people who want to support my live video stream while getting themselfs or gifting others (perfect for secret santa's duty to brag about supporting indie creators!)

Thanks Marie! This is indeed crazy and so great to see the ongoing conversations on the chat!