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Oh nice!

We launched Kiff app for iOS this year too. It would be great if you could nominate Kiff for “Mobile app” and “Social impact” categories. I would really appreciate it 🥰

Not yet, but I definitely need to read your guide. Thank you so much for sharing the guide and your kind feedback! 😊

Thank you, Steph and Marie, for making this happen!

My SEO knowledge is not very broad, I do basic stuff, like good HTML tagging, definition of titles and metas per page, accessibility, etc. So here are some of my SEO concerns:

After the launch of a site, I wish to know what are the recommendations SEO wise, to monitor and improve the site's performance. What tools should we use, what should we be checking, ...?

I also would like to understand better the use of "nofollow/noindex" on links. Which is the best policy for internal and external links? How do they exactly affect the site's performance?

I'm also interested in SEO recommendations for multi-language sites. I've seen different approaches. Like using one language always like the canonical URL and the other languages ​​as alternates. But Apple, for example, defines as canonical each language's site and includes the rest as alternates. I'm currently doing the latest, but it would be great to have some more input regarding the implications of these types of changes.

These are some questions that come to my mind, but as others have pointed out, any recommendations/best practices would be more than welcome. Thanks!