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Hi everyone! 👋

My partner and I just launched Kiff on Product Hunt. An app for managing your fridge and pantry and always eat your food in its best state. Because food loses its nutritional capabilities after keeping it for too long, and if spoiled, it can be a risk for your health.

We hope this app will make your life a little bit easier. And help you waste less and save money. We have some exciting new features coming down the roadmap that we are eager to share.

It's been quite a ride, and we have learned a lot while building the app, the website, and the whole process of launching it. If you have any questions about any of it, I will be happy to help.

Of course, any feedback will be more than appreciated.

Thank you for your support and upvotes! 🥰

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Kiff looks great!

Did you try to get your app [featured] on the App Store? I wrote a [complete guide] on how do that if you want to learn more.


Not yet, but I definitely need to read your guide. Thank you so much for sharing the guide and your kind feedback! 😊