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Hello ladies! I am an entrepreneur from Hungary. For a new project, my business partner and I (another badass business lady) need to raise money. We are looking to get 20.000 EUR. We got offers from Hungarian investment firms but thought to look into other opportunities in Europe as well. Do you know any investment firms, startup competitions where we could apply?

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I would say you have a few options, without mentioning debt finance (i.e. loans):

  1. Family and friends
  2. Crowdfunding (but it could take 4/5 months at least)
  3. Grants (depending on the sector)
  4. Accelerators
  5. Angel networks

Cheers, Sara P.S. if you need any help let me know!


Hi Agnes, I think you can reach out to angel investors on Angel List ( or apply to tech accelerators. For example Y Combinator ( makes small investments ($150k) in return for small stakes (%7) in the companies they fund.

In your case, if you plan to raise money in Europe you can give a shot to Techstars ( They invest in exchange of a 6% common stock and you receive $20,000 plus a $100,000 convertible note.

Some Women Make members might be able to give you tips, like @anthilemoon and @AmandineFlachs who are scouts at Backed VC (, or maybe @JelenaJansson.