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Dear WM members,

I am sure there are many of you here working on interesting projects and have insights and wisdom to share. I'd like to follow more women makers - especially women programmers and women in SW/Tech industry in general - and improve my twitter feed :) So please drop your twitter handle in the comments!

And btw I am new to actually using twitter and would appreciate a follow as well if you feel like it! (inspired by a similar post on IH community)


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Hi Bhumi, cool idea :) here's mine
I'm working on different things, mainly developing nerdy VR games (design and code) together with my co-founder/partner


This is great! Excited to get new awesome women to follow! I tweet about intersections between code, games, and art.


Hey Bhumi! Here's mine: You can also find most of the Women Make members in this Twitter list I update regularly:


Hi Marie! Didn't know this existed, thanks for the link :)