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Hey all! For my Just F*cking Ship It project, I want to launch a newsletter. I'm currently doing some research and I was curious, who here follows any newsletters and which ones do you follow?

One last question: if there was a weekly newsletter that took a deep dive into one random thing, would you give it a shot?

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I like James Clear's newsletter, so short and full of reflection if you have time for it. It end with a question to the reader which I think is a very nice touch. I am subscribed to many, but this is the only one I literally open every single time.

I also liked the Hustle, but I do not read it anymore. Was a more snarky take on current events and some other stuff.


Hey Michelle,

I write a curated newsletter called The Curious Bunch. I'm also working on a newsletter guide for beginners so they can start the right way, grow, and monetize before hitting 1000 subs (if they wish to). :)

I also help Swapstack curate popular and successful newsletters across different categories. Please check them out here

If you need suggestions in a particular niche, happy to help!

Oh btw, would you be interested in being a beta user for my newsletter guide? No worries if this doesn't fit your schedule. :)


Ohh I just subscribed to The Curious Bunch! I would love to see your guide once your done with it and it would definitely be helpful. I’ve written newsletters for the company’s I’ve worked for, but never my own with a list of zero.

The niche is something I’m really trying to figure out. I don’t want my newsletter to be too serious. I was talking with my partner and he suggested that I write about the rabbit holes I fall down (I’m notorious for it lol). The niche/theme is the golden question right now!


Michelle, Is this the last of the first-time questions? Or do you have more lined up and ready to fire off coz ya got me with this?

But get this, I've not only never been asked that Q but never thought of it in that context. So, given this newfound lack of mindfulness, being transparent with my immediate response (that echoing inside voice) may be the very thing of any value to you.

"What? nah... I'd rather poke myself in the eyeball with something really blunt before I do that - Who reads email newsletters?"

And then I was like, "Mmmmm, I can't write that," and while trying to write around it, I thought to screw it.

And of course, what doyathink pops up while replying, A bloody email newsletter I know I check out. So, I got ONE!

Dense Discovery by Kia Brach

Classic. I love exposing my own hypocrisy. (or is it denial?) Either way, you have evoked the need for an answer to that, for myself even.

Heading over to that retched place the kids call an inbox or xbox?

I'm going in.

But there's no more of these Q's right? We just met :)

(Oh and ya gotta keep a check on that denial. It's one heck of a coping mechanism. For others of course!). Thanks


👋 I do. I’m currently following newsletters by Justin Welsh, Llama Life, and Kevon Cheung. Happy to give the weekly newsletter a try. 😊