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February 12, 2022

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Hey Michelle,

I write a curated newsletter called The Curious Bunch. I'm also working on a newsletter guide for beginners so they can start the right way, grow, and monetize before hitting 1000 subs (if they wish to). :)

I also help Swapstack curate popular and successful newsletters across different categories. Please check them out here

If you need suggestions in a particular niche, happy to help!

Oh btw, would you be interested in being a beta user for my newsletter guide? No worries if this doesn't fit your schedule. :)

Yes. Would love to see a tool that can break down long form content into relevant social posts. :)

I don't think there's a specific app dedicated to this feature. I recently launched a project called 'Writing OS' which is basically a Notion Dashboard that helps you write consistently with templates, prompts, etc.

One of the features (or columns) I have in the dashboard is to track how many times the content was repurposed or shared on other platforms.

It doesn't necessarily track the repurposed post itself. Just a number that gets calculated based on how many platforms one shares the post.

I'd like to have something that gives me templates to break down a long-form article or a podcast or a tweet into other formats of the post.