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I'm wondering if such a thing exists:

An app specifically for re-purposing content and also keeping it organized in some kind of hierarchical way. In my head I imagine it like a mind map or flow chart that goes from left to right, where the left-most thing is the "big picture" and then it breaks down into smaller topics, and then even smaller.

In process I use for creating social media content, I write a long-form blog post or record a podcast from an outline, and then break it down into content pillars, and then break it down even further into smaller chunks, and then all the way down into shorter format, "thought leader tweets."

I have to use a combination of tools to keep all of this organized, but it would be great to have something like an app that allows me to write, and sub-write, and sub-write, if that makes sense.

Any ideas?

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I don't think there's a specific app dedicated to this feature. I recently launched a project called 'Writing OS' which is basically a Notion Dashboard that helps you write consistently with templates, prompts, etc.

One of the features (or columns) I have in the dashboard is to track how many times the content was repurposed or shared on other platforms.

It doesn't necessarily track the repurposed post itself. Just a number that gets calculated based on how many platforms one shares the post.

I'd like to have something that gives me templates to break down a long-form article or a podcast or a tweet into other formats of the post.