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Hey everyone!

I spent the weekend re-designing my company's landing page here:

I'd love some feedback from the Women Make community. Specifically, I'd love to ask: is it clear what the product does? Is it clear what the value proposition of our product is?

And would appreciate any general feedback about copy or design as well. :)

Happy to also help review anyone else's landing page as well!

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Hi Melissa, It looks good! I don't know anything about your product but the page itself is very clean and easy on the eye. If you can add a video that showcases your product I find it always helps. Best Luck! Looks good:)


Hi Melissa, great work!

I noticed a paragraph that doesn't make sense, you probably rewrote it at some point and forgot to remove one bit:

"We aggregate and summarize the most important updates so that you can so you can focus on spending time with your team where it counts."

I think the very first paragraph could be just a little bit clearer too:

"Stay in sync without meetings Cadence replaces your unproductive status meetings with quick updates connected to your favorite work tools."

Suggested copy:

"Stay tuned with your team Cadence replaces your unproductive meetings with quick status updates to let your team know what you're up to."

I think the information about the fact it syncs with people's tools is great but secondary. First, tell them what they gain, then say why it's great (cuz they don't even have to worry about integration).

About the last paragraph: "We're currently in early access mode Ready to help your teams be happier and more productive? Leave your email below and we'll let you know how to get started."

The title is misleading compared to what follows. Does that mean people can try a beta version? Do they have some kind of offer?

I hope that helps, but if anything is unclear, fee free to DM me. xx


Really like the format to put only one piece of information per sentence.


This has gotten much much better since last time I saw it. Clearly you've put a lot of thought into it. One small bit of feedback on the GIF screen cap: I can't really see what it does without zooming in 2x and then it goes very fast. Maybe you can replace/compliment that gif with a little simplified and bigger design, like a mock-up to high light primary action. Or just use a video tag so people can pause it, make it bigger and show how that modal opens at the beginning in Slack—is it a bot?