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Hi! I hope everyone is well and safe πŸ€—

I wanted to ask you if you have recommendations of resources/articles or just tips/advice for getting a remote job. I’m currently applying to some roles but any info/feedback that could help in this process would be appreciated.

If any of you is on the same process, feel free to write me ... I'll be happy to help or share the info I've been collecting :)

Have a nice day! πŸ’›

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You could also subscribe to Remote Leaf ( made by @abinaya_rl


Great tips/resources! Thank you :)


I’m doing a recap of what has been said on the chat so far, in case it might help others.

@gimmeacamera recommended to signup to the Memo’s newsletter (

@Papayayaya recommended to check job boards for nomads like

@stephsmith wrote an article on finding non-tech remote jobs: It was written before this pandemic, but much of the advice still stands.

@Clo_O shared this thread: with useful advice for when you apply (not specifically for remote jobs).

@leandro8209 shared another job board:


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