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Product Designer & Software Engineer @DescartesLabs. Founder of Designers Who Code, a collective that provides support, direction, and learning materials to designers who are interested in taking the plunge into computer programming.

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September 18, 2020

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Thank you for sharing! I really loved this article. Points to how prevalent survivorship bias is in the tech space. I remember listening to the Dating Ring story on the Gimlet podcast and wondering what the founders were up to now.

Hi everyone! I just launched a super small Kickstarter as part of January's Make100 project. I designed 5 stickers that are available for $5 each. Since we've already reached the funding goal, all extra funds will go to Casa Ruby, an LGBT center in Washington DC. I'm super excited to be raising funds for an org that is doing great work! Backing this project is also a vote of confidence and lets me know that you want to see more work like this in the future ☺️