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Hi fellow makers! Looking for your input.

I'm a designer and software engineer working full-time at a startup. I love my job! And it fuels many of my other creative interests. For example, I use examples from my job to write articles and newsletters for my side-project, Designers Who Code Club. But I find that I also have many other interests that I wish I had more energy to explore. Making art, facilitating coding classes, reading sci-fi, updating my personal blog, planning DIY community workshops, etc. Mostly, I'm craving more freedom, and I'm tired of feeling like I have to focus one one or two projects at a time. I really enjoy bouncing around lots of different projects, as I find that each project informs and adds momentum and creativity to other areas of my life.

Does anyone relate? If so, how do you manage all of your disparate interests? What are your successes and failures in trying to do lots of things at once?

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i totally relate, i have like half a dozen active projects and many could probably be a full-time commitment.

sometimes i feel stretched too thin. i have some strategies/suggestions:

  • if you're overwhelmed on any given day, it's okay to do nothing and if you get just one thing done today, that's definitely a win.
  • if you can't 'do' the project at the moment, try to still engage with it: write down your ideas, talk about it with friends, find ways to keep up your excitement.
  • try to set up a habit of moving forward in some small way at some regular interval, doesn't matter how large.
  • see if you can make space by replacing less stimulating activity with what excites you.
  • you might consider setting time limits on a project that you like, leave a way into it for yourself another time, make space for more stuff.
  • maybe if you make it a collaboration, the workload would feel less daunting.

something that generally doesn't work for me is any kind of mechanical system (every x days, streaks, automatic reminders), but i might be more structure averse than most people.

anyway, best of luck and keep creating :)