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Hi Juliette! I've been an RoR dev for 7 years now - Would love to contribute my favorite resources :)

Very much same. I love coding. And writing. And design. And music. And laser engraving. And fashion. And ecommerce. And teaching. And community management. Now it's a matter of deciding when to work on any of these things. I have a full-time job and a couple part-time jobs in other areas I'm interested in - all of which are remote and have flexible timing. I have a little Etsy store for some crafts to make sure that I make the time for myself to do crafts because they make me happy. It makes me feel good that I can do or make anything that I want to on my own.

Love this! I've been trying to support the restaurants around me by getting takeout once a week, and trying to support some friends business that have moved to online services, like Zoom classes!

This is super thorough! Amazing! I'm teaching a class on P5.js today!

Let's get a spreadsheet going then - I'll just copy over the one from last year if that's alright.

Should we call it Just F*ing Ship It again?

I love Hacktoberfest! I'm hosting an NYC meetup on October 16th. I like to pick some Ruby on Rails projects to contribute to, and some from companies that have their own challenges within Hacktoberfest to get some extra swag

^THIS THIS THIS^ Thank you Marie! And thank you to all of the wonderful people in this community who I know I can always come to to bounce ideas off of, and for the support and inspiration!