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April 23, 2020

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Thank you so much for taking the time look it up and answer me!

Thank you! I watched different videos and i think i got the basics cover. Maybe i didn’t find the right people to approach, or approached with the wrong value proposition. Still working it out :) thanks!

Sure. My startup which is a virtual expert for better online shopping just recently launched an open beta of our new conversational online expert. I am working really hard to get more organic traffic, beside SEO which is more of a long run game. So, for that end I want to figure out the best way to approach relevant audiences for collaborations: tech bloggers, bloggers and influencers that cover and review products for affiliation, or any other idea to start from. I will love to get solid advice or to brainstorm with someone with experience is this stuff

Hi Melissa, It looks good! I don't know anything about your product but the page itself is very clean and easy on the eye. If you can add a video that showcases your product I find it always helps. Best Luck! Looks good:)