Wall of Love

What members have to say about Women Make

Women Make has been creating lots of value for the maker community. It's an inspiring platform to be part of and learning from other experienced founders/makers.

Zoe Chew Developer & Indie Maker

Women Make is an amazing community! I really enjoy being part of it!

Leticia Moresca Founder of Confidence Swimwear

I am really grateful to have come across Women Make. Everyone just being themselves, it's so inspiring and motivating. It is definitely something that has been pushing me too πŸ˜ƒ just wanted to say thank you all πŸ’•

Lorraine Manlangit UX Designer

The community is very helpful and very supportive, I get a lot of inspiration from other women. Thank you Marie and all the awesome members for building it!

Aleksandra Smelianska Product Marketer

Women Make is a tight knit and authentic community where women makers really go out of their ways to help & support each other πŸ’ž

Christine Zhu Product Manager

I love this community for helping and supporting each other through good and hard times πŸ’›. Women rock! πŸ™Œ

Danielle 🌺 Co-Founder of Leave Me Alone

Women Make is a wonderful community and Marie a very compassionate leader. Thanks for providing this safe space.

Michaela Host Software Engineering Unlocked Podcast

Best community ever. Marie has done a fantastic job at curating and connecting women makers and their products. It's also a community that supports one another. Happy to be part of it!

Irma Mesa Product Manager & Indie Maker

I owe this community so much. I feel honored to be around such inspiring people every day. Thank you for creating this, Marie πŸ™

Sarah Jackson 🌺 Founder Inweed

Women Make is a wonderful community. Thanks for building such a helpful and supportive place! πŸ’›

Claudia πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ 🌺 Indie Maker

The Women Make community has been nothing short of amazing. It’s such a safe space and full of friendly people genuinely interested in helping you succeed. My favorite part is the telegram chat group, where every question is welcome.

Kathrin Folkendt Founder of Femtech Insider

This is one of my fave online communities. So many learning opportunities and genuine friendships. Thanks for bringing us all together!

Anne-Laure 🌺 Founder of Ness Labs

Such a supportive community! Women uplifting women, helping each other, putting founders, makers, creatives on the map!

Galatea Founder BAEYS

Such a safe and supportive place. I've been a member for over a year and this is really delivering. Anytime I've had a question, someone was here to help. Some fellow members even recommended me for jobs. I've had the opportunity to also grow confidence in my skills while mentoring younger members and as we started running webinars. It's THE place to be β™₯️

Tamara Sredojevic Freelance Digital Strategist

Women Make is one of the top communities for women entrepreneurs and makers! πŸ˜€

Naya Moss Founder of Frauvis

It is the first ever community where you feel connected and belong without being in physical proximity. Women Make is the best spot in the Internet to meet likeminded founders and turn ideas into wonderful products!

Natalie Fox 🌺 Founder of Editorial

This community is amazing and I am so very happy it exists every day!

Kalina 🌺 Product Manager and Indie Maker

An amazing community for women makers! You can really tell that lots of work is put in to support each member and make the community comfortable for everyone.

Tobe Software Developer & Indie Maker

I feel so lucky to be part of the community Marie has built. It has undoubtedly given me the confidence to launch and be present in the maker community, which I was unsure of before finding Women Make.

Steph Smith 🌺 Growth Marketer & Indie Maker

Marie... what an amazing job you have done. If it hadn't been for the Women Make's challenge, I might have dragged my feet on launching the website for Women-Led Summits in October. You have built a wonderful community that inspires its members to chase their dreams. Thank you.

Betsy Muse Co-Founder of Women-Led Summits

This is what I like about Women Make. No sense of elitism, broism, condescending, mansplaining, cult like culture. It's very organic, well intentioned, and productive.

Andrea HernΓ‘ndez Founder of Mood Food

Women Make is a great place to be. It's the only community I feel like everything and everyone aligns with the values it's built upon.

Melanie Massinger 🌺 Founder of Made With vue.js

The best community out there πŸ”₯

Clo 🦊 🌺 Freelancer & Indie Maker

I joined the Women Make community in October 2018 with the first Just F*ing Ship It challenge - I've met so many wonderful, inspiring people. It's been so cool to find that there are people around the world who are passionate about the same things. It's been a huge source of motivation for me to build, write, and read things. It's also introduced me to other online communities that have provided a ton of value (and helped me build friendships on Twitter). Marie is an amazing moderator, making everyone feel like they're really part of something. Nothing but love here!

Julie Gauthier 🌺 Software Engineer