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Hi all - hope you're doing well.

I'm a former tech journalist turned founder now working on building a robust reviews platform for tech, health, wellness and finance products tailored towards women. The new platform, Lemon Lab, is launching later this summer and we're currently gathering early reviews of tech/health/wellness/finance products from women.

If this sounds interesting to you, I'd love to get your take on any of the products listed in this document that you may have previously tried. We're also gathering a set of founding testers who will try out products in this space for us — there's more info on how to become a tester in the document above.

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Hey Taylor, welcome on Women Make! Lemon Lab looks interesting. I replaced the links in your post. I’d rather avoid them here because this is a community and campaign tracking tools are not friendly for this space.

That being said, the list of products is huge! Have you and your team tested a lot of them already? Are they some that you particularly recommend to this community?


We'll be sharing more of our test findings and recommendations when we launch in August. In the meantime, I'm sending around the big list because I want to hear from other women!