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I decided to start releasing the raw implementation of ideas I had for some time. This is one of them. A collection of companies that explain their interview process. And I know it sounds difficult to believe, but this is the nicest version so far.

This is version 0.0.1 of the project. I started compiling this list some months ago in a .txt file on my computer, after that I created a PDF and shared it in a Github repository and now I created this web app. This is the first raw version that I created in two days.

Lots of ideas going forward but I would like to hear from you. If you are looking for companies that explain how they hire and invest time and work in their job description, this project is for you. If you are a company that wants to attract more people that are right for you, this project is for you too.

What matters most to you when discussion with a company for potential collaboration? I want to build it here.

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Hey Gabi! Sounds interesting but I can't see anything on the website. I get "No data found" and "0 Posts found."


Oh, that sounds like not ideal :) I just tried from a different device, and it loaded some cards with info. Wondering if the request takes too much time.


No idea! I'm on macOS. It works on Chrome and Safari, but not on Firefox.