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Who supports & helps you deal with stress? Pick your top 3.

1 Unsure
2 Nobody
3 Mastermind
4 Community Group
5 Therapy
6 Friends Support
7 Family Support
8 Minister/Religious Group
9 Peer/Support Group
10 Parents/Spouse/Partner

Being a caregiver and working in tech can be grueling on the body, mind, & spirit. Can you relate? Or is it just me.

I'm trying to figure it all out with Jovial.

But today, I'm taking a break to celebrate my birthday! 🎂 Yay!

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Happy birthday! 🎁

For stress, I tend to rely on journaling, working out, and meditating.


Thank you @rae_will for the birthday wishes.

Curious, how often do you do these activities? Do you do one more than the other?