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What is your newsletter about? What frequency? How do you go about growing it?

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Every Tuesday, I write a well-researched email containing top software engineering reads that help my subscribers to stay up to date and deepen their knowledge.

I'm still tweaking the format here and there.


Even I'm not sure what my newsletter is about! It's mostly a collection of what I'm 📚 reading, 🎵 listening to, and 🎮 find interesting. I aim to put out a new post every week but this month has been hard due to some personal challenges. I've not thought much about growing it as I see it as a learning opportunity for now (might change after a few months!). 😅


I relaunched mine for Two Makers ( a few weeks ago.

I'm doing some tests on the format/content to see what works best but for now every issue is sent every 2 weeks and is made of 2 parts: 1) Updates about our work and/or an article we wrote and 2) Links to articles/products we find interesting.

I'd like to find more subscribers so I should find ways to promote it.

Obviously I also run the Women Make newsletter 😁


It's about what I learn and work on. With a focus on creativity, empathy and self-improvement 😊

Frequency will probably be 1/month.

I haven't thought about how to grow it yet. Probably writing articles that redirect to the newsletter form.


Yup, just started 😉👋