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The registrations for the Just F*ing Ship It Challenge opened last week and I know some of you would like to team up for the hackathon.

If you're looking for a partner, comment below with details about your project if you have one, what are your skills/the work you can do, the kind of teammate/collaboration you are seeking, etc.

Feel free to comment, even if you don't know what you'll be working on yet.

And if you didn't sign up, there's still time to register πŸ‘‰ here.

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Hey, I'm Mel and Aussie based in Berlin.

I'm a self-taught Front-end Dev, I love learning by building stuff, and I'm a big CSS fan.

If anyone has a funky UI design that they need some help coding, I'd love to help if I can.

At the moment I'm learning about Web animations and would like to practice with some projects. Please let me know if I can help you F*ing Ship It!

My stack is HTML, TailwindCSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Gridsome, Vue.js, GraphQL & and I know a little React & Gatsby.

Cheers, Mel


Hello all, I am looking for guests for my podcast idea. I would like to interview the people behind the ideas of Women Make 30 day challenge.

My main questions will centre around: 1 - Who you are and what you do? (i.e. your background) 2 - What is inspired this particular idea you have. 3 - Any other business. My background is in technology as a designer/developer through to Technology Management and Scrum Master. I have also done quite a bit of public speaking at various International conferences.

If anyone has any experience of setting up podcasts/ i.e. equipment, editing software, advice.. I'm all ears. If you would like to appear, I'm all ears and more. Thanks in advance


I'm a python coder (data scientist and engineer by day) with some javascript experience but I want to use this challenge as an encouragement to enhance my javascript and mobile dev skills. My idea: a Tinder-like app for gamers to find and join fellow gamers for raids/campaigns/fellow players for anything from D&D to Animal Crossing.


Hey all,

I have front-end dev skills and data analytics skills using Python/Tableau. I am seeking teammates who I don't have a major time difference with, I am in the eastern time zone.



I am Anais, a digital marketing manager. I am looking to join a project, where I could bring some marketing insights ☺️