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I'm very inspired by the WomenMake community and I'd love to ask for the feedback and best practices for a personal website. I'd love to know your opinion and also share my feedback.

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I have been working on redoing mine for quite some time now, but here it goes


Your website is neat & clean. And after reading your story & Twitter it feels like you’re aspiring passionate 👱🏼‍♀️ who 💯knows something about building a community and who cares about our planet.

But to know all this you need to read a lot. Making the website more visual will help people to understand your superpowers very quickly.

Also case studies may be helpful:

  • to start a conversation if I’m looking how to do the similar thing
  • to work with you. It’s nice to see the thinking behind the results

Working on my personal website now )

Here are few questions to think about:

  • the website is a way for people to speak with you without knowing you. What do you want them to feel?
  • also the website helps to make emotional connection with you. What things / passions / believes make you a real you? > your authenticity
  • what do you pant people to do after visiting your website?

From my experience answering on these questions helps to discover yourself and find the way how to communicate this.


Here is my very simple website:


I love that animation on the background, it's fun!

Otherwise, on the work page maybe you could give a few examples of what you've been working on.

If you need inspiration, recently I liked Clo's and Tamara's websites: and