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I recently hit a milestone of being a "digital nomad" for 2 years. I'm not really fond of that term tbh... but I wrote up a whole reflection about the lifestyle, for anyone interested on hearing my perspective.

You can read it here:

I touch base on the following topics:
Career and personal projects
Friends, family and love
Health and self-care
Travel and culture

Overall, do I love this lifestyle? Yes. Are there hardships with it? Of course -- nothing comes easy. Will I continue this lifestyle? For now... I think once I'm done with this upcoming year, I'm going to look into a more permanent "home" base.

I'm interested in hearing others thoughts about the lifestyle, and I'm open to answering any questions!

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Thanks Diana, for sharing your story and honest perspectives. It's really helpful for people who are toying with the idea of this lifestyle.

As with anything, there're ups and downs and trade-offs. There'll be FOMO no matter what we're doing. Seems like a worthy experience overall.

Look forward to more Medium articles!


Loved your articled Dianna! And I'm not a fan of "digital nomad" either ;)

On that point in particular, and everything that goes with that term, it's reassuring to know that I'm not the only "digital nomad" who doesn't like to work in co-working spaces or cafés. I also like to have a kitchen to cook myself.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a pretty honest reflection and that's what I enjoyed in your article.


Oooh, love this topic! I plan on doing something similar, hopefully as early as 2020. Going to read your article immediately =) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!