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Hey, I just launched a Notion system for managers & business owners to welcome new team members in a structured and impactful way: The Employee Onboarding OS

It's now live on Product Hunt!

It is a system I have built & improved over the years for my teams. Recently, after a soft launch, the early adopters shared additional feedback which was embedded in the latest version. Based on the 30-60-90 method of onboarding, linked objectives and key results, and plenty of templates for a head start.

If this can help you, your team, or your friends, you can use the code WomenMake22 for 60% off 💃🏻 (The launch offer on PH is 30% but there is a special connection to the Women make community after all:))

Will be very happy to get your feedback, ideas, comments.

Thanks! Simona

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I don't need this right now, but I feel I might in the future, so bookmarking. Congrats on the launch!