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So proud to be leading our amazing team at Renetec! Technology has always been know to enable people do more and we are doing our small part in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

That's impressive! Please share your Etsy store if you'd like :)

Hey friends! I'd love to hear your stories and how you manage your interests ^^

Hi all! I'm excited to make my first post on Medium 🎉 I hope it will be both informative for makers who are already familiar with Raspberry Pi, and simple enough to follow for those who are just starting out.

Let me know your thoughts!

This is great! Thank you @stephsmith and @marie_dm

I would love to learn about weight of cross-linking on ranking, especially what not to do (aggregator sites, etc.). Also, I'd like to hear about good SEO maintenance practice. And.... what are best resources to learn from that are updated regularly, maybe favorite blogs with practical tips. I've read Google's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide, but feel like that's not enough.

Thank you everyone for you input! I ended up using Format as a platform. It has nice templates, easy page management, and type of store that I was looking for. Here's my portfolio ^^

:) Who's Natalie?

Hi Shahrzad! I love Envato Elements as a buyer of stock photos and I think a few website templates ^^ Unfortunately, wouldn't work for me as a platform to sell - my pics don't pass as stock, and in general, different type of art.

Hi Tasha! Thank you for sharing your insights. So far, my biggest problem with SmugMug is that with their shopping cart I have to use one of the partner labs to print pictures, I can't fulfill orders and sell what I print myself. Their support suggested PayPal integration, but it doesn't look like a good UX to me. I absolutely agree with you that less friction to buy - the better. I might try their labs, but it's so much fun to print yourself :)) Also looking to try

What do you think about hiring assistant that helps drive engagement and followers on Insta? I do like to post content and manage two accounts (@s_shturma, @film_by_mr_zuccini), but I don't have time to like and comment in volumes enough to drive steady followers flow. I am very much against bots.

Cool! I will check out the article :)

Thank you for your reply! I've added some of my photos to SmugMug yesterday: It's 35mm film, wouldn't even pass for stock due to low res. I put a lot of emphasis on frames, but haven't added framed stuff yet.

Honestly, I haven't had luck with Instagram. It takes too much effort to get discovered and I decided it's not worth my time. I periodically schedule posts, just to keep it somewhat alive (will need to re-brand as well).

Do you have any tips on gaining insta following?