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I'm writing a short ebook containing 30 actionable tips to increase a developer's productivity. I started strong and wrote 3 chapters (so like ~10% done) but then slacked off. Thanks for the nudge, will resume today! If you're a developer, it'd be great if you could take a look at the sections numbered 0-3 here: https://www.notion.so/swap/Actionable-Tips-to-Increase-a-Developer-s-Productivity-9ff321e138ee42b5820ea55a5ce7e4eb

Even I'm not sure what my newsletter is about! It's mostly a collection of what I'm 📚 reading, 🎵 listening to, and 🎮 find interesting. https://buttondown.email/swap/archive/ I aim to put out a new post every week but this month has been hard due to some personal challenges. I've not thought much about growing it as I see it as a learning opportunity for now (might change after a few months!). 😅