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I'll finally be working on the MVP for my next project, Upread! ( It's a platform or "toolbox" for independent publishers.

I've been wanting to build this project for a while, but given the recent job change, I have been putting it off. Very happy that this challenge will be giving me the kick in the butt that I need!

So far, I've built out the "coming soon" pages and started working on the back-end features last week!

This is such an important question!

I worked with my ex and it ended up causing problems for some of the reasons that you mentioned. But also, we just lost our ability to have space from one another. We worked together, lived together, traveled together, etc and it became an unhealthy dynamic.

I think it can be successful, but I think it's important to set some guidelines first and make sure that you both work towards keeping them in place. With those guidelines, it can be easier to discuss things if they're starting to go south because you can go back to those and say, "Hey, remember when we both agreed on this?". This goes for family and friends too!

Ultimately, I think it really depends on the friendship or relationship, so of course your personal judgment comes into play too!