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Awesome, love this!

Hey, I'm Mel and Aussie based in Berlin.

I'm a self-taught Front-end Dev, I love learning by building stuff, and I'm a big CSS fan.

If anyone has a funky UI design that they need some help coding, I'd love to help if I can.

At the moment I'm learning about Web animations and would like to practice with some projects. Please let me know if I can help you F*ing Ship It!

My stack is HTML, TailwindCSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Gridsome, Vue.js, GraphQL & and I know a little React & Gatsby.


Hey, wow it looks so nice and it loads really fast and smooth!

Could you please tell what stack you used? I'd also like to know more about your animation techniques.

I'm working on a personal site this month, and I've found that the animations are slowing the performance. Perhaps you could share some tips :) My site is currently live at

The positioning on your site is a bit off on my little laptop (MacBook 12inch / 1280px) the Bonjour goes over the lefthand side menu, I think you could bring the font-size down a little for small laptops or decrease the left padding/margin.

But great job, I think it's looking very elegant and clean. Sorry I have no accessibility tips to add, but I will take your advice and check out the resources you shared. I need to do an accessibility check on my site too.