Büşra Coşkuner

Aspiring entrepreneur, former Product Management Consultant

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SaaS E-commerce Product Management

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December 11, 2020

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Oh and my name is Büşra :) (pronounced Büshra or Bushra)

Hi all! I'm a product manager by profession, became solopreneur a year ago, and live in Zurich, Switzerland. Right now I'm consulting and coaching product people and companies on all things product management, and at the same time working on projects to build up my side-income. I'm currently working on setting up a matcha tea online shop.

At the same time I'm pregnant and expecting the baby to come in mid April.

I'd be super happy to work with someone else on ideas, whereby I'm super open about the idea itself. I have some and would like to work on them (especially some SaaS ideas) but I am also open to work on your ideas, as long as we share excitement about the topic. I'm just super bored of working alone and would like to rock some products/projects with someone else. I'm going on a baby break until summer but would like to slowly get back on track afterwards.

We could connect now and see later, or connect later and see later :)