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I really like using the filters of Since the goal is to empower people's choices in their careers, I like that it is the first thing I see. The filters are also well spaced out and readable. In the company bios, it really feels transparent and I'm learning first-hand about the company, their culture, and interview process. I don't need to go search on external sites, which is stressful enough already (looking for objective reviews on a company are difficult).

good luck on the job board!

Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna look up Paper by Dropbox, that sounds pretty useful. I like to keep my workflow within only a couple of apps to decrease logging in and I like things to be easily accessible and interconnected. Fortunately, majority of my devices are by Apple which greatly help.

  • Notes (Apple) - I use this a lot because I don't need to log in and the sync is seamless among all my devices
  • Notion - When I have a chance to sit down in front of the computer, I write them all in Notion. Keeps all my thoughts and resources organized.
  • Google Drive - I can upload any files quickly and enable folder syncing. Quickly sharing docs with people also help.
  • Figma - I use this not only for prototyping, but creating digital art and surprisingly sharing 'storyboards'. I don't need to worry about OS compatibility and all changes are saved immediately. Guests can edit or leave comments.