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i totally relate, i have like half a dozen active projects and many could probably be a full-time commitment.

sometimes i feel stretched too thin. i have some strategies/suggestions:

  • if you're overwhelmed on any given day, it's okay to do nothing and if you get just one thing done today, that's definitely a win.
  • if you can't 'do' the project at the moment, try to still engage with it: write down your ideas, talk about it with friends, find ways to keep up your excitement.
  • try to set up a habit of moving forward in some small way at some regular interval, doesn't matter how large.
  • see if you can make space by replacing less stimulating activity with what excites you.
  • you might consider setting time limits on a project that you like, leave a way into it for yourself another time, make space for more stuff.
  • maybe if you make it a collaboration, the workload would feel less daunting.

something that generally doesn't work for me is any kind of mechanical system (every x days, streaks, automatic reminders), but i might be more structure averse than most people.

anyway, best of luck and keep creating :)