Cleve McMillan

A funemployed native Aussie living in LA looking for women no-code or pro's to work with me on MVP sprint.


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Startup founders Video Marketing Education

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Los Angeles 🇺🇸

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June 29, 2021

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Michelle, Is this the last of the first-time questions? Or do you have more lined up and ready to fire off coz ya got me with this?

But get this, I've not only never been asked that Q but never thought of it in that context. So, given this newfound lack of mindfulness, being transparent with my immediate response (that echoing inside voice) may be the very thing of any value to you.

"What? nah... I'd rather poke myself in the eyeball with something really blunt before I do that - Who reads email newsletters?"

And then I was like, "Mmmmm, I can't write that," and while trying to write around it, I thought to screw it.

And of course, what doyathink pops up while replying, A bloody email newsletter I know I check out. So, I got ONE!

Dense Discovery by Kia Brach

Classic. I love exposing my own hypocrisy. (or is it denial?) Either way, you have evoked the need for an answer to that, for myself even.

Heading over to that retched place the kids call an inbox or xbox?

I'm going in.

But there's no more of these Q's right? We just met :)

(Oh and ya gotta keep a check on that denial. It's one heck of a coping mechanism. For others of course!).